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Without parabenes, silicone, mineral oil, vaseline, paraffin oil or colorants, obtained by an animal friendly process.

The scent is derived from essential oils. Hand made.

For men. For women. As cream or gel. Whichever you prefer.

Vitalba cosmetics is suitable for all skin types.

It can be used to nurture and moisturize your face, hands and body. Its texture is grease free, which allows easy application on skin and  instant absorption.

It also contains animal placental proteins*, which are a rich source of biostimulants that have been scientifically proven to enhance skin regeneration, skin elasticity and  have a moisturizing effect.

On request we can prepare a VEGAN version as well.

It comes  in 50 ml (50 gr) airless bottles, which guarantee our products quality as well as that no contamination can be introduced into the gel/cream through usage.

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*As soon as healthy animals are born, as part of the normal process of birth, the placenta is shed. Subsequently farms destroy placentas as biological waste. Thus no animal has been killed to obtain the placenta nor it is a derivative of dead animals.