Wound dressings

Our 2nd generation  product, LifeMatrix-FX is a dry and thin elastic membrane that facilitates wound healing. It is rich in collagen, biodegradable and completely resorbable in situ. It is a derivative of epithelial tissue of animal origin, sterile, easy to handle and to apply on wounds, and can be prepared in the form of adhesive bandages, primary wound dressings, thin wafer or powder. It can be further cut or trimmed to the desired size with scissors. It has a 1 year shelf-life.

Depending on our customers needs we can adjust the size of wound dressings and type of material that LifeMatrix-FX is applied to. Some of our products are listed below. For prices and orders please write to info@adriabio.com.


4x magnification of LifeMatrix-FX membrane


  •  LifeMatrix -FX as a thin wafer. It can be directly applied to wounds or in combination with adhesive bandages or wound dressings (further below).



  •  Adhesive bandages without (left) and with LifeMatrix-FX (right). Different sizes are available.

LifeMatrix-FX band aid


  • Primary wound dressing with LifeMatrix-FX membrane. The membrane is easy to spot because of the different light refraction in the bottom left corner. Different sizes of wound dressings are available, the one below is 8×8 cm.

LifeMatrix-FX wound dressing